Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons San Diego CA

Accelerated learning

Victor customizes his piano lessons to each individual student.  He uses creative strategies to increase learning and retention, resulting in rapid improvements in playing abilities.  He accomplishes this by coming up with unique ways to make the lessons fun and interesting.

Learn to compose as you learn to play

Victor makes learning theory fun by doing it through composition.  His demonstrative and fun techniques make learning a breeze, and help the student develop a deeper enjoyment for the music.

Vocalize your playing

Most piano performers and teachers underestimate the importance of phrasing and dynamics.   That’s because they don’t realize that it comes from the human voice.  Victor encourages and helps his students to learn using vocalization techniques early in their development.

Creative exercises

While playing the scales and learning chords are important elements when learning piano, they are often overemphasized without the many additional creative exercises that help with technique. Don’t get stuck with a teacher that only teaches you from the book.  There is so much more to learning the piano.

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